Are you organising a mathematical sciences workshop to take place between March – December 2022?
Apply now for funding and support — applications close 7 April!

PhD students, early-career researchers and first-time organisers are highly encouraged to apply.

Organisers may nominate a keynote speaker to visit SMRI for one week before or after the proposed workshop.

Discounted rates must be offered to AMSI members and members of AustMS and its affiliates. AustMS is currently offering new reciprocal memberships to members of overseas cognate societies for two years at the price of one year. See here for the list of cognate societies.

How Can We Support Your Event?

  • Advice and endorsement from the AMSI Research Committee
  • Promotion on AMSI & AustMS websites, mailing lists & Twitter
  • Travel and accommodation funding for keynote speakers
  • Funding for keynote recording and post-production costs
  • Funding for software, licensing or local technical support costs
  • Funding for virtual networking platforms such as GatherTown
  • Access to AMSI Zoom as a presentation platform
  • Opportunity for publication of keynotes on the AMSI YouTube channel


Events must be hosted by AMSI Member Institutions and be open-invitation. Recurrent events are generally ineligible — contact AMSI to confirm.

Committees comprising three or more organisers must represent several AMSI Member Institutions and include at least one woman, AustMS member and ECR. Exceptions may be made for PhD-organised workshops.

The event must be open to AMSI Member Institutions outside the host.

Female keynote speakers must be featured and the application must present a clear strategy to encourage women’s participation. Contact WIMSIG for advice.

Pre-Submission Checklist

  • Read AMSI’s Workshop Funding page
  • Nominate a lead applicant to represent your organising committee
  • Identify the national benefit brought by your event
  • Choose from our variety of support options
  • If requesting speaker funding, make sure it’s for keynotes only and make a clear case for support based on field impact
  • Confirm the availability of your keynote speakers for an SMRI visit