The Australian Mathematical Society


Volume 31 Number 4, September 2004

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213 Editorial
214 President's Column
Tony Guttmann
216 Letter to the editors
217 Math matters
Cheryl Praeger
222 Mathellaneous
Norman Do
234 Brain drain
Richard P. Brent
239 Beyond disciplines? - A non-mathematician's apology
Ian Enting
244 Mathematics and bodysurfing
Neville de Mestre
251 Totally Goldbach numbers and related conjectures
David van Golstein Brouwers, John Bamberg and Grant Cairns
256 Ramanujan and Fermat's last theorem
Mike Hirschhorn
258 Visualising contingency table data
Dongwen Luo, Graham R. Wood and Geoffrey Jones
263 Book reviews
272 News
279 AustMS bulletin board