The Logic Summer School @ ANU

An upcoming virtual event, 6-17 December 2021.


The School of Computing in the ANU College of Engineering and Computer Science will host the Logic Summer School from 6 to 17 December 2021. The Summer School will consist of short courses on aspects of pure and applied logic taught by experts from Australia and overseas, and be held virtually. 

Modern logic is the foundational discipline of the information sciences. It includes not only the science of reasoning but also computability theory, type theory and other tools for understanding processes, declarative programming, automatic proof generation, program verification and much more. It spreads into planning, into program synthesis, into circuit design and into discourse analysis. It underpins the entire science of artificial intelligence. Part mathematics, part philosophy and these days part computing science, logic remains a core intellectual study and is increasingly relevant to practical concerns.

We are excited to present a variety of courses: starting with introductory courses in the first week to advanced courses in the second, featuring topics from foundations to application, including program verification, cryptography and higher-order type theory.
The lectures are given by academics from several institutes and include Kirsten Winter (DSTG/UQ), David J. Pearce (VUW), Rob van Glabbeek (Data61/UNSW), Thomas Haines (ANU), Taichi Uemura (Stockholm U) and John Slaney (ANU).
Check our website for more details on the program and registration procedure:

Due to ongoing travel restrictions the school will be held virtually, allowing everybody to join. 
Moreover, this year the school is 
free of charge 
for students and academics. 

* Deadline for registration: December 1, 2021

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