The International Day of Mathematics on March 14, 2021

Dear colleagues,
On March 14, 2021, we will celebrate the second International Day of Mathematics (IDM). 

The chosen theme for 2021 is Mathematics for a Better World.

In view of the pandemic, many celebrations will take place online or be limited to classrooms.

The Mathematics for a Better World Poster Challenge generated 2100 proposals, 

please visit the gallery.

The 2021 Global Online Celebration

The celebration will start as March 14 begins in Oceania and end 48 hours later at the end 

of March 14. It will consist in liveblogging pictures and videos from IDM events worldwide, 

posters, announcements and more. Posting can be done on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, 

using the hashtag #idm314.

The main event will be a series of short online talks for a general audience on mathematics 

and how it can make the world better. There will be three sessions in three different languages: 

English, French, and Spanish. The talks will be streamed live through the IDM website completely 

free and without any need to sign up. It will take place from 14:00 UTC to 18:05 UTC.

                                              Program of the main event.

It is still possible to post IDM celebrations, including classroom celebrations on the IDM website.

Many thanks for spreading the word in your community and helping to make IDM 2021 a 

big success!


Helge Holden

Prof. Helge Holden
Secretary General of the International Mathematical Union