National Science Week with MATRIX – Maths Documentaries

MATRIX is excited to host free online screenings of the following documentaries that celebrate the wonders of the mathematical sciences during National Science Week. We’d be extremely grateful if you could help us promote these events.  We would love for you, your teams and those in your networks to join us too. 

  • Maths Circles Around The World – 16 August 2021, 16.30 AEST 
  • Secrets of The Surface – The Mathematical Vision of Maryam Mirzakhani – 16 August 2021, 19.30 AEST 
  • Colors of Math – 17 August 2021, 19.30 AEST 
  • The Discrete Charm of Geometry – 18 August 2021, 19.30 AEST 

See the MATRIX webpage, the pdf flyer or the National Science Week website for more.