CARMA-MATRIX Maths Art/Poster Competition

CARMA is partnering with MATRIX for the Annual CARMA-MATRIX Maths/Art Poster Competition.  As previously, entries are invited in the categories: Art, Outreach and Research.  Entry is available at and entries close 30th October.  Winners will be announced at AustMS2022, in the “Visualisation and Mathematical Art” Special Session. This year for the first time there will also be a physical exhibition of selected invited works at MATRIX House.

National Science Week with MATRIX – Maths Documentaries

MATRIX is excited to host free online screenings of the following documentaries that celebrate the wonders of the mathematical sciences during National Science Week. We’d be extremely grateful if you could help us promote these events.  We would love for you, your teams and those in your networks to join us too. 

  • Maths Circles Around The World – 16 August 2021, 16.30 AEST 
  • Secrets of The Surface – The Mathematical Vision of Maryam Mirzakhani – 16 August 2021, 19.30 AEST 
  • Colors of Math – 17 August 2021, 19.30 AEST 
  • The Discrete Charm of Geometry – 18 August 2021, 19.30 AEST 

See the MATRIX webpage, the pdf flyer or the National Science Week website for more.

SMRI-MATRIX Symposium with Martin Hairer

You are invited to join us for a symposium that explores the mathematics of Fields Medallist and Breakthrough Prize winner Martin Hairer, Professor of Mathematics at Imperial College London.

Professor Hairer’s colloquium ‘Taming infinities’, will be held online on Wednesday 3 February at 20:00 (Australian Eastern Daylight Savings Time). 

Professor Hairer will delve into the conceptual and mathematical aspects of “renormalisation” techniques and how they have recently been used in probability theory to study equations, the meaning of which were hitherto unknown.

The program also includes talks by Australian mathematicians, mini-courses facilitated by Professor Hairer and discussion meetings. 

Whether you just want a broad introduction to Martin Hairer’s mathematical world, or you are keen to gain a deeper understanding of some of his techniques, this symposium is the right event for you!

Dates: 3-19 February 2021

Symposium Organisers: Beniamin Goldys (The University of Sydney), Ngan Le (Monash University) and Pierre Portal (The Australian National University)

Sponsors: Sydney Mathematical Research Institute (SMRI) and MATRIX

Further information and registration (free):

The schedule will be updated over the coming weeks. The colloquium and other talks will be recorded and made available for registered participants.

Matrix, MFO and Leibniz association logos

Call for Proposals: MATRIX-MFO Tandem Workshop (2021)

The Mathematical Research Institute Oberwolfach (MFO), Germany and the Australian Mathematical Research Institute MATRIX invite proposals for a tandem workshop taking place simultaneously in a hybrid format at MATRIX and MFO  in the week of 5-11 September 2021

The workshop is held simultaneously in both locations.  At each institute 10-20 participants are possible, who can interact in the usual intense way locally and in addition share a certain number of joint lectures/discussions via zoom (for example Oberwolfach 9-11 am could match up with MATRIX at 5-7 pm). Talks given outside this time slot can be recorded via zoom for viewing by participants at the other institute, but not publicly.

Applications should come with a team of about  four organisers including at least two organisers planning to attend in person for each location. Organisers should aim for gender balance. The application should contain: 

  • Title of the suggested tandem workshop.
  • Description of the topic and focus of workshop, recent results, references (4-6 pages).
  • The proposed provisional program of the tandem workshop taking into account the different time zones.
  • List of 10-20 suggested participants at each institute with names, gender info and affiliation planned for each institute (i.e. two lists of intended invitees; please consider diversity issues of each institute).
  • Publication lists of the organizers.

Proposal guidelines:

Please send proposals (pdf-files) by email to the director of MFO and/or upload to the MATRIX website prior to the deadline Friday, 15 January 2021.