Awards for Australian Mathematicians

This week the Australian Mathematical Society recognises the work of leading Australian mathematicians at its 64th Annual Meeting.

The virtual event, hosted by the University of New England, started today and saw the award of the AustMS Medal, the biennial George Szekeres Medal, the Society’s Award for Teaching Excellence, the Gavin Brown Prize, and the Mahony–Neumann–Room Prize. These prizes cover the breadth of contributions of mathematicians—from distinguished research of a mid-career researcher to sustained outstanding contributions; from teaching to a specific breakthrough publication in the last decade.

Later in the week the Society will award the B.H. Neumann Prize for the best student talk at the Annual Meeting, but until then there is a new podcast started by one of last year’s winners aiming to interview as many past Neumann Prize winners as possible.

In what follows I want to give a sense of what the medals were awarded for alongside the official citations. I also asked the winners some questions, you can see their answers below.

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