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Women in Mathematics Posters 

  • https://sites.google.com/view/pierre-portal/australian-women-of-mathematics
    • What do mathematicians do? What are mathematicians like, as people? These questions have stereotypical answers that do not come anywhere close to describing the reality of what mathematics is, and who mathematicians are, in the 21st century. The Australian Women of Mathematics exhibit is an artistic and scientific project that aims to shine some light on this reality, in 2021 Australia. It focuses on mathematicians who identify as women, and are thus part of a group that is still substantially underrepresented in reality, and even more so in the public psyche. These women, however, exemplify all that mathematics and mathematicians are. Their interviews highlight the creative energy that drives mathematicians, the human stories that connect the mathematical community, the ever-expanding network of interactions between mathematicians and experts in other disciplines, and the universal language that mathematicians use to make sense of the world.

      The exhibit is made up of the following 16 panels and a book. Print or screen ready files are available upon request.
  • https://womeninmath.net/
    • This “Women of Mathematics | A Gallery of Portraits” represents a glimpse into the world of mathematics through portraits, photographs, and excerpts of interviews of women mathematicians throughout Europe.
  • https://www.maa.org/sites/default/files/pdf/pubs/posterW.pdf
    • This “Women of Mathematics” poster, produced by the Mathematical Association of America, shows 32 distinguished women mathematicians (including Hanna Neumann), from historical and modern times. It works well to display it near the well-known “Men of Modern Mathematics” poster produced by IBM.
  • http://www.ams.org/women-mathematicians
    • This poster, produced by the American Mathematical Society, shows nine distinguished women mathematicians.
  • https://cms.math.ca/Women/women.pdf
    • This poster shows six women who have won the Canadian Mathematical Society’s Krieger-Nelson Prize.