Registrations for WIMSIG Conference 2024 open 

WIMSIG Conference 2024 will be held at SMRI/University of Sydney on 1 – 2 October 2024. Early-bird registrations opened on 1 May. 

Thanks to all our special session organisers! Visit the conference website to see the full list.   


Here are some ways you could get involved with WIMSIG Conference 2024 and add a line to your CV! 

Do you have any great suggestions for topics for a panel discussion?  We are planning to hold a couple of panels simultaneously so that people can attend the discussion which interests them the most.  If you have any ideas for topics that would interest you, or would like to organise a panel, please let us know! 

We will run a travel grant scheme for ECRs. Would you like to join the travel award committee and evaluate these applications? 

Would you like to organise the LGBTQI+ lunch which will be held on Wednesday 2 October? 

If you answered yes to any of these questions, please contact Catherine Greenhill (mailto:c.greenhill@unsw.edu.au

WIMSIG Conference 2024 – Travel Awards for Early Career Researchers 

Applications for WIMSIG Conference 2024 Travel Awards are now open!  We invite applications from women, trans and gender diverse people who (a) wish to attend the WIMSIG Conference 2024 and (b) are early-career researchers, or Honours, Masters or PhD students.  

Funding is available to provide partial support towards purposes such as travel, accommodation and carer expenses (not the conference registration fee). Selection will be based on (a) need and (b) the benefit to the applicant of attending the conference. Giving a presentation at the conference is not a prerequisite for funding, but preference may be given to those who are presenting (if funding is limited).  

For sustainability reasons, we will only consider flights as a reasonable expense for applicants who are not based in NSW or the ACT.  

All applications received by the closing date (Friday 16 August) will be considered. Late applications may be considered, subject to availability of funding. Applicants will be notified of the Committee’s decisions no later than 26 August 2024. 

For more information and the application form, please visit the conference website. 


International Women in Maths Day Events 

Macquarie University 

Macquarie University celebrated Women in Mathematics Day with a social event open to all staff and students. We started with a brief presentation on the findings of the Gender Gap in Science Project. Attendees then enjoyed screenings of two animated documentaries: “Alicia Boole in the Land of Polytopes” and “Kovalevskaya’s Spinning Top.” Finally, Dr Harini Desiraju from the University of Sydney gave a public lecture about her work, titled ‘What is Mathematical Physics?”.  

The celebration ended with a catered reception for all attendants, accompanied by The Australian Women of Mathematics exhibit. We hope these activities will bring greater awareness of the challenges, triumphs and remarkable contributions of women in mathematics in Australia and around the world,  past and present.  

UniSA, Adelaide and Flinders 

In recognition of the 2024 International Women in Maths Day, Flinders University, the University of Adelaide and the University of South Australia ran the SA Women in Maths Gathering on Friday, 17th May 2024. The event combined keynote talks, a panel discussion and networking sessions, over morning tea refreshments. The two inspiring talks were delivered by Dr. Yang Shi (Flinders University) and Dr. Jacinta Holloway-Brown (University of Adelaide). The speakers and Prof. Lesley Ward (University of South Australia) also joined the panel discussion about the imposter phenomenon. The networking opportunities at the beginning and during the event allowed everyone to meet each other, chat, and celebrate the day. The event attracted 34 women in maths staff, PhD students, Masters, Honours students, final-year undergraduate students, and some high school students and teachers. ‘What a marvellous idea!’, ‘we should definitely keep this event regular’ and ‘I have learnt a lot’ are some feedback from participants. 


The event hosted women speakers from diverse education platforms such as Universities, Mathematical Association of Victoria and Regional board of mathematics education who shared mathematical insights from their prospective roles. The audience consisted of academics and PhD students in mathematics and a few high school girls. Together, everyone was highly engaged in these special sessions by sharing research and asking questions around career progression. The event was highly fruitful for high degree research (HDR) students who got the networking opportunity to connect with academics and other HDR students. The celebration ended by afternoon tea funded by WIMSIG where the room full of mathematicians discussed their own work and future possible collaborations.  

University of Wollongong 

On Tuesday 14th May, the University of Wollongong hosted an event in the School of Mathematics and Applied Statistics to celebrate Women in Mathematics Day. We celebrated 2024 Women in Mathematics Day with a screening of Secrets of the Surface, a film documenting the life of Maryam Mirzakhani, complete with popcorn, fairy floss and pizza. We targeted the event towards a mixed audience of students and staff. We were also successful in attracting interested attendees from outside the university. We had generous support from WIMSIG to whom we are grateful. 

Details of other events at Western Sydney University, the University of Queensland and The University of Melbourne can be found in the WIMSIG June newsletter: https://austms.org.au/special-interest-groups/wimsig/wimsig-news/wimsig-newsletter-june-2024/ 


  • There will be a volume of La Mathematica (the official journal for the) Association for Women in Mathematics partly based on the conference held in ICTS, Bangalore last year. There is a call for papers for the collection. Further information can be found at: https://link.springer.com/journal/44007/updates/27204712. Women who did not attend the conference are welcome to submit as well.  
  • Sydney Mathematical Research Institute SMRI International Visitor Program 2024 Round 2 applications are now open 

Applications close on Tuesday 6 August 2024 (23:59pm AEST). 
The IVP2024 August Round applications are now open. Researchers in the mathematical sciences from international and Australian universities who wish to do research at SMRI either individually or as part of a group of collaborators are warmly invited to apply.  
This round is for visits taking place between July 2025–June 2026 for general applicants; and March 2025 – June 2026 for Australian & New Zealand citizens.  
Applications with the information requested in the terms and conditions can be made through the webform found on the IVP webpage


Conference in honour of George Willis, November 18-22, 2024 
We are organising a conference on zerodimensional symmetry in honour of George Willis to be held near Newcastle, Australia the week November 18-22, 2024. 
If you are interested, please save the dates! Registrations will open within the next few weeks. https://sites.google.com/view/willisfest2024  
If you would like to be kept in the loop about this event, please write to us at willisfest2024@gmail.com

Asian-Oceanic Women in Mathematics (AOWM) Workshop 

The Asian-Oceanic Women in Mathematics (AOWM) Workshop will be held 6th to 9th December 2024 at the University of Auckland.  The joint meeting of the New Zealand, Australian and American Mathematical Societies will be held immediately afterwards, and we encourage all to attend both events.  

Registration available on: https://forms.gle/3sLWjutspnPwQEWr5 

Job opportunities 

The School of Mathematics at Monash University invites applicants for the position of Research Fellow to work on a project concerning fractional edge decompositions of graphs. Applicants must have a PhD in Mathematics or a related field. It is also expected that they have a strong background in edge decomposition of graphs, fractional structures in graphs, or closely related areas. Applications close on Friday 26 July 2024. 


Have you read an interesting article? Have some news? Have an opportunity available? 

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