New Mailing List

new mailing list of the Women in Mathematics Special Interest Group has been set up. This mailing list is administered by the Group’s Secretary (Joanne Hall) and Webmaster (Amy Glen). You may self-manage your subscription and change your contact address yourself. See your welcome email for more details.

Election of the Executive Committee

In December, an election was held for the Executive Committee of the Women in Mathematics Special Interest Group. Congratulations to the new committee who begin on the 1st of February and will serve the interest of Women in Mathematics for 2 years. Thank you to the returning officer Birgit Loch for conducting the election, and thanks to all those who voted.

The new Executive Committee is as follows.

Amy Glen, who previously served as an ordinary committee member and webmaster, will continue to serve as the webmaster for WIMSIG.

Rules of Procedure

Concurrent with the Executive Committee election was a ballot on proposed changes to the Rules of Procedure. These changes were approved 54 votes in favour and zero votes against.

Change paragraph 8 to read:

8. The Executive Committee of the Group shall consist of the Officers above mentioned and two further elected Members who shall be called Ordinary Members of the Executive Committee. At least half of the Ordinary Members of the Executive Committee shall be Dual Members of the Group. The Immediate Past Chair shall be an ex officio member of the Executive Committee. The President of the Society or the President’s nominee shall be an ex officio member of the Executive Committee.

Change paragraph 23 to read:

23. Retiring Officers and Members of the Executive Committee shall be eligible for re-election to any position on the incoming Executive Committee with the exception of the Chair, who is ineligible for re-election to a third consecutive term if the Chair has already served two consecutive terms.

The new Rules of Procedure are available from the Women in Mathematics main webpage.


Women in Mathematics Lunch at ANZIAM 2015

This lunch is designed to highlight the mathematical careers of the female plenary speakers at ANZIAM 2015, celebrate women in mathematics, and stimulate conversations on topics that impact the careers of all mathematicians.

Lunch is free to all registered ANZIAM 2015 attendees. Both men and women are welcome. Delegates will receive an email message with a request to RSVP before the conference.

The lunch will be hosted by Dr Joanne Hall and is funded by Prof. Nalini Joshi’s ARC Georgina Sweet Australian Laureate Fellowship with the support of ANZIAM and WIMSIG.

Workshop on Geometric Quantisation – July 27-31, 2015

  • The IGA/AMSI Workshop on Geometric Quantisation will be held at The University of Adelaide during the last week of July 2015.
  • The workshop features a large number of well-known international speakers, including several female invited speakers.
  • A highlight of the workshop will be a talk by the world-renowned female mathematician Prof. Michèle Vergne.

Women in Mathematics Get-Togethers in June 2015

The Women in Mathematics Special Interest Group plans to hold informal gatherings in June in major cities. If you are interested in hosting a gathering please notify the Secretary (Joanne Hall).

Thanks to the following people who have previously organised gatherings in Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane, Adelaide, and Perth: Pamela Burrage, Julie Clutterbuck, Zajj Daugherty, Alice Devillers, Yan Ding, Diane Donovan, Ana Dow, Amy Glen, Amelia Gontar, Joanne Hall, Barbara Johnston, Gobert Lee, Joan Licata, Elynor Liu, Giang Nguyen, Katherine Seaton, Sarah Lobb, Cheryl Praeger, Asha Rao, Xuan Vu, Lesley Ward.


The following funding opportunities may be of interest to you, your colleagues, or students.


International Mathematical Union

The International Mathematical Union is the peak global body for mathematicians. The IMU has a Women in Mathematics Advisory Group. Have a look at the their website to see what is happening internationally.

How Nations Fare in PhDs by Sex

An interactive article on the gender gap for PhD graduates by field.

  • In Australia only 29% of mathematics and computer science PhDs are awarded to females. This ratio is not true of all countries for example Saudi Arabia which has 60% of PhDs awarded to women.