WIMSIG NEWSLETTER — September 2021

WIMSIG and Inclusion

In December 2020, a WIMSIG Virtual Forum was held just before the AustMS meeting (replacing the usual in-person WIMSIG dinner). During the discussion at the end of this event, an attendee asked what WIMSIG can do to support gender diverse people. As a result of this question, the WIMSIG Executive Committee has been working on a more inclusive framing of our aims, so that we offer support to anyone whose gender is underrepresented in the mathematical community.

After consulting with the organisation Queers in Science, and obtaining feedback from some trans and gender diverse mathematicians, we have updated the main WIMSIG webpage with more inclusive language. The eligibility criteria for the WIMSIG Cheryl E. Praeger Travel Awards has also been updated to enable trans and gender diverse people to apply.

Please email WIMSIG-chair@women.austms.org.au if you would like to provide feedback on this change. We welcome your comments.

WIMSIG Praeger and Street Awards

The next round of WIMSIG Cheryl E. Praeger Travel Awards and WIMSIG Anne Penfold Street Awards closes on October 1st.

Equal Pay Day — August 31

On average, Australin women earn 14.2% less than Australian men.

Monday 31 August was Equal Pay Day: “a symbolic recognition that women’s potential is not being fully realised or valued and an important reminder that women continue to face significant barriers in the workplace”.

UNSW ‘Girls Do The Maths’ receives funding

A UNSW outreach program Girls Do The Maths has been running successfully for 17 years, and has seen an increase in the number of female students studying mathematics degrees. Wilson Asset Management has agreed to provide funding to ensue the future success of the Girls Do The Maths program.


WIMSIG Conference 2021

Celebration of Women in Australian Mathematical Sciences

The WIMSIG Conference 2021 (postponed from 2020) will now be taking place at a range of “local hubs” on Friday 1 October this year. There will be events in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Hobart, Adelaide, and Perth.

This one-day conference will have a mixture of local (in-person) activities and joint online activities. Local activities may include the opportunity for participants to present their research.

The COVID situation is ever changing. Contingency plans are in place to ensure an interesting event will take place, whether you are able to attend in person or online. Local organisers of in person events need to finalise their COIVD safe plans, so please register your proposed attendance here. All welcome!

Women in Geometry, Analysis and Topology at MATRIX

The MATRIX meeting Women in Analysis Geometry and Topology has been postponed until November. Please contact Julie.Clutterbuck@monash.edu if you are interested in attending.


The University of Melbourne

The University of Adelaide


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