WIMSIG Executive Committee Call for Nominations

At the end of 2022, WIMSIG will be electing two new members for the Executive Committee, to commence terms in February 2023. The positions that will be open and the length of term are as follows.

  • Treasurer — 2 year term
  • 2 x Ordinary Member — 2 year term
  • Student Member — 1 year term

If you are interested in the opportunity to lead the drive for gender equity in Australian Mathematics, please consider nominating for a position by November 30.  If you have any questions about these roles, please contact the WIMSIG Chair, Catherine Greenhill (wimsig-chair@austms.org.au).

The Returning Officer is Cecilia González Tokman (cecilia.gt@uq.edu.au).

Usually a nominee acts as nominator (self-nomination) and needs another nominator to support their nomination.  Both nominee and nominator should be WIMSIG members. The nominee should email the Returning Officer with the following information: the nominee’s name, the name and email address of the nominator, the role, and a statement from the nominee on why they would like to take on that role. This statement will be sent out to the WIMSIG membership list should there be an election. The nominator will be contacted by the Returning Officer directly.


Annual WIMSIG Business Meeting and Dinner 

The annual WIMSIG Dinner will be held (in person) on Monday 5 December as part of the 66th Annual Meeting of the Australian Mathematical Society at UNSW Sydney. The WIMSIG Dinner is free to all participants of the AustMS meeting, regardless of gender or membership of WIMSIG. The purpose of the dinner is to support women, trans and gender diverse people, and particularly early career researchers, to enter and establish careers in mathematics. Come along to hear about the careers of the AustMS 2022 women plenary speakers, to discuss issues concerning women, trans and gender diverse people in mathematics in Australia, and to network with fellow WIMSIG members and supporters. 

The annual WIMSIG Business Meeting will also be held on Monday 5 December, prior to the WIMSIG Dinner. As with the Dinner, anyone interested in WIMSIG activities is welcome to attend the Business Meeting.  


The University of Western Australia

Australian National University

The University of Melbourne

The University of Adelaide

Auckland Bioengineering Institute (New Zealand)

Two PhD Scholarships in Mathematical Biology

For more information, contact Dr Claire Miller via email (miller.c@unimelb.edu.au).

University of Virginia (USA)

University of Virginia (UVa) is currently working to improve representation of women and students from other groups traditionally underrepresented in mathematics. The UVa graduate program offers full support to PhD students, with paid tuition and fees as well as a living stipend through a modest teaching assistantship. For more information, please visit https://math.virginia.edu/graduate/.


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