SMRI International Visitor Program (NZ only)

The SMRI International Visitor Program is now open again, for visitors travelling from
New Zealand only. This program funds researchers in the mathematical sciences to travel
to Australia for research collaborations at Australian universities. If you have
existing or potential collaborators working in New Zealand, please encourage them to
make use of this opportunity.

Please direct any potential applicants to the SMRI website for the full terms and conditions,
and instructions on how to apply. Any further questions about the scheme can be
addressed to this email address.

At least initially, applications for this NZ-only IVP will be on a rolling basis as with
our Domestic Visitor Program. For Aus or NZ citizens or Aus permanent residents, the
application deadline is 2-6 months before the start of the proposed visit; for other NZ
residents, 4-6 months before the start of the proposed visit.

Terms and conditions for the IVP will be updated when travel to Australia from other
source countries becomes possible.

Anthony Henderson

Executive Director, SMRI