Research Fellow – Scientific Computing and Numerical Analysis@Monash

The School of Mathematics at Monash University invites applicants for the position of Research Fellow to work on a project in Scientific Computing and Numerical Analysis for partial differential equations (PDEs).

Job No.: 628752

Location: Clayton campus, Monash University

Employment Type: Full-time

Duration: 2-year fixed-term appointment

The successful candidate will work on novel numerical approximations of PDEs under the guidance of Professor Santiago Badia. Current research lines include: neural network-based nonlinear discretisation of PDEs and their combination with other advanced (unfitted and hybridised) techniques; machine learning for PDE-constrained inverse problems, data assimilation, and nonlinear preconditioning. Current applications of this research include sea water intrusion, heart modelling and bushfire propagation. This research is supported by the Australian Research Council through two recent Discovery Projects and a Monash Data Futures Institute Project.

Applicants must have a PhD in Mathematics, Physics or Engineering, with a strong background in numerical methods for PDEs using finite element methods and/or related techniques. Background in the mathematical foundations of machine learning will be highly appreciated.

Depending on the experience level of the candidate, this role may be filled at Level A or Level B. Please refer to the position description for different levels.

Closing Date
Thursday 28 April 2022, 11:55pm AEST

For more information or to apply please see here.