Lecture Series

The Lecture Series of the Australian Mathematical Society commenced publication in 1984. It aims to cover all areas of mathematics whilst focussing on the needs of Australian University curricula. Books in the series will be appropriate for undergraduate, honours and first year graduate levels,as well as providing access to new areas for mathematics professionals. The series has a particular emphasis on texts developed from areas in which Australian mathematicians are strong in either research or teaching.

The Lecture Series is published by Cambridge University Press and more information, including a list of recent publications can be found on the CUP web site.

The Editorial Board is very keen to receive submissions of monographs or just proposals for a text. These should be sent to the Editor-in-Chief, Prof. Gary Froyland, at lectureseries@austms.org.au.

Once you decide to make a full proposal, please consult the information page. The Editorial Board would appreciate your addressing the areas discussed there to help us make a quick yet well-considered decision, on your proposal.

Editorial Board Cover, most recent edition

Most Recent Titles

  • [28] Many Variations of Mahler Measures: A Lasting Symphony
    François Brunault, Ecole Normale Supérieure, Lyon, France; Wadim Zudilin, Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen, The Netherlands (Paperback |Published: May 2020)
  • [27] Orthogonal Polynomials and Painlevé Equations
    W. Van Assche, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium (Paperback  | Published December 2017)
  • [26] Notes on Counting: An Introduction to Enumerative Combinatorics
    P.J. Cameron, University of St Andrews, Scotland (Paperback | Published June 2017)
  • [25] Classical Groups, Derangements and Primes
    Timothy C. Burness, University of Bristol & Michael Giudici, University of Western Australia (Paperback | Published January 2016)
  • [24] Wavelets: A Student Guide
    Peter Nickolas, University of Wollongong (Paperback | Published, January 2017)
  • [23] Neverending fractions
    Jonathan Borwein, Alf van der Poorten, Jeffrey Shallit and Wadim Zudilin (Paperback | Published August 2014)
  • [22] Representations of Lie algebras: an introduction through 
    Anthony Henderson, University of Sydney (Paperback | Published August 2012)
  • [21] Lectures on Real Analysis
    Finnur Lárusson, University of Adelaide (Paperback & Hardback | Published June 2012)
  • [20] Unitary Reflection Groups
    Gustav I. Lehrer & Donald E. Taylor (PaperbackeBook format | Published September 2009)
  • [19] Quantum Groups: A Path to Current Algebra
    Ross Street & Ross Moore (technical) (Paperback | Published January 2007)
  • [18] Chaos: A Mathematical Introduction
    John Banks, Valentina Dragan, Arthur Jones (Paperback | Published May 2003)
  • [17] A Course in Modern Analysis and its Applications
    Graeme L. Cohen (HardbackPaperbackeBook format | Published July 2003)
  • [16] Industrial Mathematics: Case Studies in the Diffusion of Heat and Matter
    Glenn R. Fulford, Philip Broadbridge (Hardback & Paperback | Published December 2001)