Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Statistical Mechanics

Location: School of Mathematics and Statistics, The University of Melbourne
Level: A/B
Duration: 2 years
Closing date: 5 August 2023

This is an exciting opportunity to work on the Australian Research Council funded project “Transformative simulation techniques for complex networks” with a team of esteemed researchers led by Professor Aleks Owczarek and Dr Nicholas Beaton. The project aims to expand the simulation of single-lattice polymer models in statistical mechanics to a range of complex topologies and complicated interacting environments using next generation simulation algorithms on modern computational clusters.

The project provides a unique platform to collaborate with leading researchers around the world based at the Queen Mary University of London, University of British Columbia and Swinburne University of Technology.

You will significantly contribute towards the research effort of the team and to develop your research expertise with an increasing degree of autonomy under the guidance (at Level A) and in collaboration (at Level B) of Senior Academic staff conduct internationally competitive research, resulting in publications in high impact journals. In particular you are expected to progress the research agenda described in the ARC DP230100674 proposal as developed by the CIs, and contribute to teaching, training, scientific mentoring and supervision of students

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