Integrability and Combinatorics at Finite Temperature

Dates: 14–18 Jun 2021 Program Description: The overall goal of the program is to advance the methods of integrability and combinatorics towards structural and asymptotic results across a wide range of finite temperature models of statistical physics. Here the notion of “finite temperature” might have different meanings in different situations, and a complete understanding of the... more

National Science Week – MathsCraft workshop

MATRIX invites you to join us during National Science Week 2021, for a free online ACEMS  MathsCraft workshop, for school students in Years 5–10.  Visit: Registration required. (Click above image to go to the website.) This is preceded, the day before, by a documentary film screening: Math Circles Around The World Documentary film by Ekaterina Eremenko... more


Annual CARMA–MATRIX Maths Art Poster Competition

Closing Date: 20 November 2023 Venue: CARMA, The University of Newcastle Website: The Annual CARMA–MATRIX Maths Art Poster Competition is on again! Entries are invited in the 3 categories of Art, Outreach and Research, with details and eligibility information on the website: Those visiting MATRIX at Creswick can also see a physical display... more