Professor Kurt Mahler was one of the major characters of Australian mathematics from his arrival in this country in the 1960s, until his death in 1988. The Society was a beneficiary under the will of Professor Mahler. The money from this bequest has been used to set up a visiting lectureship in his honour. 
(Photo from Encyclopedia of Australian Science.)

Professor Kurt Mahler

CARMA, at the University of Newcastle, maintains a digital archive of Mahler’s published papers, spanning 1927–1991. Also see the article: “The legacy of Kurt Mahler”.

The Mahler Lectureship is awarded every two years to a distinguished mathematician who preferably works in an area of mathematics associated with the work of Professor Mahler. It is usually expected that the Lecturer will speak at one of the main Society Conferences and visit as many universities as can be reasonably managed.

The Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute (AMSI) has been backing the tour of the Society’s Mahler Lecturer since 2005. AMSI provides financial and logistic support and arranges outreach opportunities to the public and schools during the tour. The Institute has similar arrangements with both ANZIAM and SSAI.

1991John Coates (biography)
1993Don Zagier
1995Michel Mendes France
1997Peter Hilton
1999John H Conway(biography)
2001Robin Thomas
2003Hendrik Lenstra(biography)
2005Bruce Berndt
2007Mark Kisin
2009*Terence Tao
2011Peter Sarnak (postertalks)
2013Akshay Venkatesh (AMSItalks)
2015Manjul Bhargava (AMSI)
2017–2018Ivan Corwin
2019Holly Krieger
2022Frank Calegari

*In 2009 the lectureship was organized in partnership with the Clay Mathematics Institute, so the lecture tour that year was known as the Clay–Mahler lectures.

Links to Peter Sarnak’s 2011 AMSI–Mahler lectures:

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Links to Terry Tao’s 2009 Clay–Mahler lectures: