AustMS/AMSI Teaching Seminar Series

The AustMS/AMSI Teaching Seminar Series is a nation-wide seminar series featuring talks and discussions about any matters related to the teaching of the mathematical sciences in universities.  The seminars are held online using Zoom videoconferencing software, allowing broad access by Australian academics. The seminars aim to engender discussion and foster best practice in mathematics and statistics education at Australian universities.

For more information, contact the organisers:

A/Prof Rowena Ball (
Dr Judy-anne Osborne ( — interim contact)
Dr Anthony Morphett ( — on leave)

We would love to join forces with already-established seminar series, colloquia or discussion groups. If you are keen to share with the maths community, or if you have ideas for future topics and speakers, then please get in touch.

Upcoming seminars

Speaker: Associate Professor Emma Smith Zbarsky (Wentworth Institute of Technology, Boston, Massachusetts)

Title: Conversation as assessment

Date & Time: Thursday 20 May 2021, 12:00pm (AEST)

Abstract: As educators, we need to assess our students for a variety of reasons from the mundane requirement to submit ranked scores to the arcane desire to encourage and track learning. I have developed my approach to oral examinations for undergraduate students in an attempt to support collaborative analysis of my student’s understanding, as well as an opportunity for growth and discovery right up to the final moments of a course. I will present my experiences using oral assessments both alone and in combination with written work in multivariable calculus with mid-level students, in partial differential equations with upper-level students, and in introductory calculus with first-year students.

Jointly presented with the CARMA Colloquium at the University of Newcastle, Australia

Zoom link: (password: CARMA)

Recent events

R. Nazim Khan (UWA) and Michael Jennings (UQ): A survey of High School Mathematics curricula and First Year University Mathematics Units, COVID Plus, Thu 17 Dec 2020

Michael Donovan (Macquarie) and Judy-anne Osborn (Newcastle): Musings on what it might mean to Indigenise tertiary Mathematics curricula?, Thu 30 July 2020

Anthony Morphett (Melbourne), Melanie Robertson-Dean (UNE), Katherine Seaton (Latrobe): Online assessment and exams in mathematics & statistics, Thu 9 April 2020

Robert Maillardet (Melbourne): Transitioning urgently to online classes, Fri 27 March 2020

Celia Hoyles and Richard Noss (Institute of Education, University College London): Teaching Mathematics in 2020 and Beyond, Tues 25 Feb 2020

Past events

A list of past events and seminar recordings is available here.