Mahler Lecture Series

The Mahler lectures are a biennial activity organised by the Australian Mathematical Society, and supported by the Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute. The tour invites a prominent international mathematician to travel to Australian universities to deliver lectures at a variety of levels, including several public lectures. This year's speaker is Professor Frank Calegari (The University of... more

6th Australian Algebra Conference AAC06 @ the Sunshine Coast

AAC06 @ the Sunshine Coast We are very pleased to invite you to join us here on Kabi Kabi country at the Sunshine Coast in Queensland for the 2022 Australian Algebra Conference. The aim of the annual Australian Algebra Conference is to foster communication between algebraists in Australia. We interpret algebra broadly, including areas such... more

Tensor Categories in Sydney

This conference aims to bring together researchers with a variety of backgrounds to cultivate interaction. The central topic is that of ‘tensor categories’, in all possible interpretations. These categories appear for instance in algebraic geometry (quasi-coherent sheaves on schemes and stacks, categories of motives), representation theory (representations of Lie (super)algebras, algebraic groups, Hopf algebras, quantum... more

Indigenizing University Mathematics 2

"Indigenizing University Mathematics 2: Indigenous Perspectives on Maths and Applications" will run online with some face-to-face components, hosted by First Nations University 28 November - 1 December 2022 Canadian dates.  This will be 29 November - 2 December in Australia, mostly in the mornings, with some possible face to face components in Newcastle.  The workshop... more

Computational Techniques and Applications Conference (CTAC2022)

The 21st Biennial Computational Techniques and Applications Conference (CTAC2022) will be held at QUT in Brisbane from 29 November to 2 December 2022. The conference website is:  Registrations will open soon. CTAC is organised by the special interest group in computational techniques and applications of ANZIAM, the Australian and New Zealand Industrial and Applied... more

The Biarri Applied Mathematics Conference (BAM2022) @The University of Sydney

After 3 long years, The Biarri Applied Mathematics Conference is back, and this year will be co-hosted with The University of Sydney. The Biarri Applied Mathematics (BAM) is a conference that bridges the gap between mathematics in academia and industry. We bring together guest speakers from a broad range of backgrounds and interests - from University... more

10th Workshop on Integrable Systems

Sibyl Centre, Womens College Women's College, University of Sydney, Sydney

The tenth workshop on Integrable Systems will be held at the School of Mathematics and Statistics at the University of Sydney on 1-2 December 2022. These dates immediately precede the 66th Annual Meeting of the Australian Mathematical Society, held in Sydney, 5-9 December 2022. The workshop is organised by Harini Desiraju, Nalini Joshi, Milena Radnovic.... more

AustMS 2022

UNSW Sydney Sydney

66th Annual Meeting of the Australian Mathematical Society Dates & Venue: Tuesday–Friday 6–9 December 2022 Venue: UNSW Sydney Overview The 66th Annual Meeting of the Australian Mathematical Society will take place on Tuesday-Friday, December 6-9, 2022 at UNSW's Kensington Campus. The conference will include plenary lectures, special sessions, an education afternoon, and social events, including... more

Workshop on Optimisation, Metric Bounds, Approximation and Transversality (WOMBAT 2022)

Curtin University

The next Workshop on Optimisation, Metric Bounds, Approximation and Transversality (WOMBAT 2022) will be held 13–15 December 2022 in Perth, Western Australia, in tandem with an industry-focused day on 16 December. This joint event will be hosted at Curtin University by Curtin Centre for Optimisation and Decision Science. The event is expected to take place... more

AMSI Summer School 2023

The University of Melbourne

AMSI Summer School 2023 9 January – 3 February | hosted by the University of Melbourne Calling all honours, post-graduate students and ECRs: Attend Summer School in Melbourne and get a different view of your mathematical world. Connect with peers, researchers and potential future employers while developing your mathematical skills. Study up to two... more

Mathematics in Industry Study Group (MISG)

The MISG is an annual week-long event bringing together industry partners with problems and mathematicians who work intensively for the event to solve these problems. Three industry partners from the agricultural, renewable energy and health sectors will meet the participants from the mathematics community to work collaboratively. Mathematicians at all levels and from all areas... more

Categorification in representation theory

Location: The University of Sydney Meeting type: Conference and workshop Workshop: 6–10 February Conference: 13–17 FebruaryDescription: This conference focuses on categorification and its applications in representation theory. Categorification is something of an art, where one mathematical object is replaced with another richer, and often categorical, one that often reveals deeper structural properties. Important examples of... more