2022 Fields Medal Symposium (online)

2022 Fields Medal Symposium: Akshay Venkatesh October 17 - 19, 2022 (Toronto time) The Fields Institute in Toronto are organizing their 2022 Fields Medal Symposium, which is the Institute's flagship event, where they honour a past Fields Medallist with a week of scientific programming. This year, they are honouring Akshay Venkatesh, one of Australia's greatest... more

6th Australian Algebra Conference AAC06 @ the Sunshine Coast

AAC06 @ the Sunshine Coast We are very pleased to invite you to join us here on Kabi Kabi country at the Sunshine Coast in Queensland for the 2022 Australian Algebra Conference. The aim of the annual Australian Algebra Conference is to foster communication between algebraists in Australia. We interpret algebra broadly, including areas such... more