MATRI✗: Geometric Analysis and PDEs

University of Melbourne, Creswick campus Water Street, Creswick, Victoria, 3363, Australia

Early Career Researchers Workshop on Geometric Analysis and PDEs Dates: 13–24 January 2020 Venue: University of Melbourne, Creswick campus; Water Street, Creswick, Victoria, 3363, Australia Program Description A principal aim of the program is to draw together early career researchers working in the fields of calculus of variations, optimal transport, fully nonlinear pde and geometric... more

Integrability and Combinatorics at Finite Temperature

Dates: 14–18 Jun 2021 Program Description: The overall goal of the program is to advance the methods of integrability and combinatorics towards structural and asymptotic results across a wide range of finite temperature models of statistical physics. Here the notion of “finite temperature” might have different meanings in different situations, and a complete understanding of the... more

PhD Student Symposium: Data-Driven Modelling in Mathematical Biology

Queensland University of Technology Queensland

Dates: 28 June – 9 July 2021 Website: Mathematical biology is a diverse, cross-disciplinary area of research at the interface of applied mathematics, statistics, biophysics and experimental science. Cross-collaboration between experts in these fields is quickly becoming requisite for impactful research. This online symposium will foster new collaborations and skill development across each of... more

MatriX Online Seminar – August 2021 – Professor Ole Warnaar

Date/Time: Thursday 5 August; 10:00 AEST Presenter: Prof. Ole Warnaar, (The University of Queensland)   Biography: U Queensland Title: Plane partitions Abstract: Plane partitions are a two-dimensional generalisation of integer partitions. There are many beautiful formulae for the enumeration of plane partitions which reveal a close connection to the representation theory of classical groups and infinite... more

National Science Week – Maths Documentaries

MATRIX invites you to join us during National Science Week 2021, for free screenings of the following documentaries that celebrate the wonders of the mathematical sciences.  visit: 1.  Math Circles Around The World Documentary film by Ekaterina Eremenko 16 August 2021, 16.30 AEST (Melbourne) Every week, hundreds of children in different cities of the... more

National Science Week – MathsCraft workshop

MATRIX invites you to join us during National Science Week 2021, for a free online ACEMS  MathsCraft workshop, for school students in Years 5–10.  Visit: Registration required. (Click above image to go to the website.) This is preceded, the day before, by a documentary film screening: Math Circles Around The World Documentary film by Ekaterina Eremenko... more


MATRIX-SMRI Symposium: Nijenhuis Geometry and Integrable Systems

Many integrable systems allow for separation of variables. The global theory of separation of variables on Riemannian manifolds has made recent progress that leads to the study of Nijenhuis geometry. Nijenhuis geometry provides a link between separation of variables and projectively equivalent metrics. While Riemannian geometry and symplectic or Poisson geometry have been very well... more

MATRIX Research Program: Mathematics of Risk 2022

Matrix, Creswick Water St., University of Melbourne, Creswick Campus, Creswick

Dates: 31 October 2022 – 11 November 2022 Venue: MATRIX, Creswick The two-week program will consist of three short courses, the conference component and informal forums. The short courses will be held on modern topics: Risk Modelling Machine Learning Optimal Control of Random Processes The courses will be delivered by leading researchers from around the... more