Comparative Judgement

Comparative Judgement and Learning through Engagement with Someone Else’s Reason: AMSI/AustMS teaching seminar, 20 July 2022

Speaker: Mark Mac Lean (University of British Columbia)

Title: Comparative Judgement and Learning through Engagement with Someone Else’s Reasoning

Date & Time: Wednesday 20 July 2022, 2:00pm (AEST)

Abstract: Involving students in mathematical discourse can help them build a deeper conceptual understanding of the mathematics they are learning. One approach is to have students engage with written mathematical arguments and solutions to problems from their peers. Novices do not have the same capacity as experts to judge the work they are reading, but novices do have the capacity to compare two pieces of work and judge which one is better.  Comparative judgement can be used as a pedagogical tool to help students learn mathematics. In this talk, I will describe some ways comparative judgement has been implemented in mathematics courses and how we are working to better understand the effects comparative judgement exercises may have on learning mathematics.

Zoom link:     passcode: 314159

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TALMO Workshop – Special Issue on Teaching and Learning during COVID-19 ‘Restarting the New Normal’

Dear colleagues,

A reminder of the online webinar on Wednesday 9th February 2022, 9-11am GMT, hosted by Teaching and Learning Mathematics Online (TALMO). 

It will feature short presentations on the 14 papers from the Teaching Mathematics and its Applications Special Issue 40(4): Restarting the New Normal, these papers focused on the teaching and learning of mathematics during COVID-19. 

The details for joining this webinar on zoom are as follows:

  • Topic: TALMO Workshop – Restarting the New Normal
  • Time: Feb 9, 2022 08:30 AM London
  • Link to webinar (or: Meeting ID: 840 6413 2401; Passcode: 578239)

For those of you who cannot attend, the event will be recorded and placed on the TALMO website.

Dr. Ciarán Mac an Bhaird
Assistant Professor and MSC Director
Department of Mathematics and Statistics
Maynooth University

Preparing to Teach the Class of 2020

A/Prof Katherine Seaton and Dr Anthony Morphett have written an article that will appear in the March issue of the AustMS Gazette. It is being posted here early in advance of the start of next academic year, as it is relevant for those preparing to teach first-year mathematics.

The abstract is as follows:

When the high school graduates of 2020 arrive in our first year maths courses in 2021 (a gap year not really being on the cards), what should we expect? All Australian students experienced some level of disruption to their studies in 2020 due to COVID-19, though the impact of the pandemic was greatest in Victoria. This note summarises what we see as the most relevant changes to senior secondary mathematics in 2020 for Australian tertiary mathematics educators.

You can access the article at this link (pdf).