Research Associate – Mathematics

School of Mathematics and Statistics

Closing date: 16th April 2020

The Research Associate will undertake collaborative and self-directed research on an ARC-funded Discovery Project.

The core of this project is to investigate the arithmetic and geometric structure of rational functions over fields of number theoretic interest, which is fundamental in essentially every area of mathematics, especially in number theory and arithmetic geometry. It will focus on studying the joint multiplicative structure of several rational functions, modulo sets of arithmetic interest (such as finitely generated subgroups), via a range of algebraic, analytic and geometric techniques. This project lies within the so-called area of “Unlikely Intersections”, which is at the cross-roads of several fundamental areas: number theory (both algebraic and analytic), arithmetic and Diophantine geometry, complex analysis. We will also investigate applications in Arithmetic Dynamics, more precisely study the arithmetic structure of orbits defined by iterations of rational functions.

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