2 PhD Scholarships. Mathematical and statistical modelling of cell migration in 4D tumour spheroids
Queensland University of Technology

School of Mathematical Sciences

Posted on: Thu Jun 2020

My research group is recruiting up to 2 PhD students who will work on a project funded by the Australian Research Council. The project will involve collaboration with Professor Nikolas Haass at the University of Queensland and the Translational Research Institute. The projects will commence in 2020 or 2021.

Mathematical models have a long, successful history of providing biological insight, and new mathematical models must be developed to keep pace with emerging technologies. Modern experimental procedures involve studying 3D multicellular spheroids with fluorescent labels to show both the location of cells and the cell cycle progression. This 4D data (3D spatial information + cell cycle time) provides vast information (Figure 1).

No mathematical models have been specifically developed to interpret/predict 4D spheroids. This project will deliver the first high-fidelity mathematical models to interpret/predict 4D spheroid experiments in real time, providing quantitative insight into innate mechanisms and responses to various drug treatments.

The PhD students will be based in the School of Mathematical Sciences at QUT as a part of my research group. The research projects are can be broadly defined to suit the interest of the student. The project would involve some combination of computational modelling, statistical inference, high- performance computing, data science and even some experimental science if the candidate is keen to learn how to culture cells in the laboratory.

For more information click here. To register your interest, please email Professor Matthew Simpson at matthew.simpson@qut.edu.au.

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