Current Job Opportunities in Australia

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In today’s information-rich environment, the possibilities for mathematically trained graduates are endless.  

Are you interested in money?
There are very well-paid jobs in finance, handling risk analysis, investment planning, option pricing and stock market prediction.

Do you want to save the world?
There are still many opportunities to work on the mathematics of Greenhouse climate models.

Do you want to be at the cutting edge of science?
The Genome Project is making bioinformatics an expanding area for applications of mathematics, one that you could be part of too.

Do you like sharing your knowledge?
Become a high school mathematics teacher and inspire the next generation, or find an academic position and make a contribution to mathematics research.

To find out more about careers in mathematics go to the AMSI career site and for available jobs go to Job opportunities .

Postgraduate study in mathematics is the gateway to many rewarding jobs. In order to find out more about this pathway go to Postgraduate Studies Information .


The book Counting Australia in by Graeme Cohen, which was commissioned by the Society, provides a history of mathematics in Australia.

An archive of the work of one of the Society’s most distinguished past members, Professor Kurt Mahler, can be found at the Mahler Archive at University of Newcastle.

Society submissions

Journal Rankings for the ERA

There are many other mathematical resources across the world , including the following.

Educational REALMS (formerly ERIC Clearinghouse on Science, Mathematics, and Environmental Education)

Geometry Centre

MacTutor History of Mathematics archive Includes biographies of mathematicians and graphs of “Famous Curves”

Math Forum

Math on the Web A great starting point to mathematical resources available on the internet, maintained by the American Mathematical Society.

MathSciNet A version of Mathematical Reviews On-line. Authentication required.

Mathematics Archives WWW Server Maintained at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. Access to most public domain and shareware software and many other materials which are contained on the INTERNET and which can be used in the teaching of mathematics at the college and university level.

Mathematics Information Servers Also maintained in the US, this provides links to many other Web servers.

Mathematics Journals and Preprint sites Maintained at ANU Library. Lists electronic journals, information about printed journals, preprint servers, and other mathematical information servers.

MathSearch Provides the ability to search over 45,000 documents in math and statistics servers

Penn State University Mathematics Department Reference Sources

The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Mathematics

The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Statistics

Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

PlanetMATH, Math for the people, by the people