The Australian Mathematical Society sponsors Special Interest Meetings on specialist topics at diverse geographical locations around Australia. This activity is seen as a means of generating a stronger professional profile for the Society within the Australian mathematical community, and of stimulating better communication between mathematicians with similar interests who are scattered throughout the country.

These grants are intended for once-off meetings and not for regular meetings. Such meetings with a large student involvement are encouraged. If it is intended to hold regular meetings on a specific subject area, the organisers should consider forming a Special Interest Group of the Society. If there is widespread interest in a subject area, there is also the mechanism for forming a Division within the Society.

Application process

Applications are considered twice a year, at the start of June and the start of December.

If funding is being sought from both AustMS and AMSI, a single application should be made at

If funding is not being sought from AMSI, please contact

Secretary, Australian Mathematical Society
Dr Deborah Jackson
Department of Mathematics and Statistics
La Trobe University
Victoria 3086


Rules governing the approval of grants

The following rules apply to all grants.

  1. The organiser must be a member of the Society.
  2. The meeting must be open to all members of the Society.
  3. Grants should not be used for catering, administrative expenses and venue hire.
  4. Registration fees should normally be charged, but this requirement can be waived if a third party is providing support for items such as catering and accommodation. The minimum registration fee, before applicable discounts, should normally be $25 per day.
  5. A financial statement and conference or meeting report must be submitted on completion of the conference or meeting.
  6. Unless an alternative prior arrangement is made with the conference or meeting organisers, any profits up to the value of the grant are to be returned to the Australian Mathematical Society.
  7. A list of those attending, their AustMS membership status, and a copy of the conference Proceedings (if applicable) must be submitted to the Society.
  8. Only in exceptional circumstances will support be provided near the time of the Annual Conference of the Australian Mathematical Society being held in another city.
  9. A grant application must include a detailed budget.
  10. A grant application should be lodged no later than three months before the meeting or conference.
  11. The meeting or conference should be advertised on the Society’s web pages (email: and also in the gazette (email:

In addition, the Society requests meeting or conference organisers to:

  1. clearly advertise the conference or meeting as an activity supported by the Australian Mathematical Society;
  2. give at least a 20% reduction in registration for members of the Society, with a further reduction for members of the Society who have free membership or pay the reduced rate subscription (i.e. student members, those not in full time employment and retired members);
  3. prepare the conference or meeting report in a form suitable for publication in the Australian Mathematical Society Gazette;
  4. provide childcare information to potential registrants.

In its consideration of applications, Council will take into account locations around Australia of the various mathematical meetings during the period in question. Preference will be given to Meetings of at least two days duration. Council has the discretion to specify the part of the budget being supported by the AustMS, and against which any repayments should be calculated.

The allocation for any one Meeting will be up to $(2000+300n), where n is the number of AustMS members registered for and attending the meeting, with an upper limit of about $3,500.

[Approved by Council, 2013. Amended 2015, 2017, 2018.]