Sean Gardiner

Sean Gardiner is currently a Lecturer in the School of Mathematics and Statistics at the University of New South Wales, where he is a member of the Teaching Academy and Chair of the Publicity and Outreach Committee. He completed his PhD at the University of Sydney, and his research interests include topics in algebra, combinatorics, and mathematics education.

Sean lectures and coordinates large first- and second-year courses at UNSW to exceptional student reviews and has developed novel question styles and methods of randomised assessment that are utilised in these courses and elsewhere. His innovations in teaching have improved course content accessibility and increased student engagement at a level encouraging both understanding and mastery of the addressed topics.

Sean is currently Deputy Director of the National Mathematics Summer School, a member of the Australian Mathematics Trust’s Maths Challenge committee, and a member of the Simon Marais Mathematics Competition committee as Marking Coordinator. In these roles he contributes to mathematics enrichment for students and teachers ranging from primary school to undergraduate levels. He has also designed student-driven interactive workshops that encourage thinking deeply about simple mathematical concepts and has presented these to high acclaim at many outreach programs, including those targeting underrepresented groups in the mathematics discipline.

Citation: For developing innovations in teaching and assessment that encourage undergraduate students to engage with and master deep mathematical content, and inspiring students of all ages to pursue Mathematics by developing outreach initiatives and contributing to national Mathematics enrichment programs. Sean innovates in teaching and assessment, motivates undergraduates to master profound math content, inspires diverse students through outreach, and enriches national programs.