Sarah Dart

Sarah is Strategic Lead for Learning and Teaching Development, Impact and Recognition within the Learning and Teaching Unit, and a Senior Lecturer in the School of Mechanical, Medical and Process Engineering at the Queensland University of Technology (QUT). Immediately prior to holding these roles, Sarah lectured and unit coordinated large undergraduate mathematics and engineering units at QUT, while also providing maths-focused student support through one-to-one consultations, drop-in sessions, workshops.

Sarah’s background is in mechanical engineering and applied maths, having completed her PhD investigating red blood cell shape and deformability from a numerical modelling perspective in 2018. Sarah has since pursed education-focused research. Her current research interests are in engineering and maths education, educational technology, and academic development. She has disseminated her work through conference presentations and journal articles, particularly on the impact of worked example videos as part of blended learning designs. Her YouTube channel, houses many of the video resources produced through this project.

Citation: For using technology to support learning of mathematics for large and diverse student cohorts, including development of worked example videos to improve problem-solving skills, and implementation of personalised emails to foster an effective learning environment when transitioning to university.