Leesa Sidhu is a Senior Lecturer in Statistics and the Undergraduate Coordinator in the School of Science at UNSW Canberra. She is also a Fellow of UNSW’s Scientia Education Academy.

After completing her Bachelor of Science (with Honours in Mathematics and Statistics), a Diploma in Education, and a Masters of Educational Studies at the University of Queensland, Leesa taught for six years at Bremer High School, a large public high school in Ipswich in Queensland.

Leesa moved to UNSW Canberra in 1997. Her PhD and much of her subsequent research has been in statistical ecology. Leesa has taught postgraduate and undergraduate courses at all levels. She has a strong interest in supporting students in their transition to university studies and is involved in several projects in education.

Citation: For the effective development and implementation of a challenging, compulsory data analysis course for Arts and Business students with diverse backgrounds and a lack of confidence or interest in mathematics. For assisting these students to overcome mathematics anxiety, motivating them to engage with the course material, making difficult mathematical concepts accessible, and providing some with the first opportunity to experience success in their learning of mathematics. Leesa does this by establishing a supportive and encouraging classroom environment, catering for different approaches to learning, providing clear and thorough explanations, and making appropriate use of technology.