The Council of the Australian Mathematical Society has decided to create a new medal to recognise the research achievements of members of the Society. It is called the George Szekeres Medal.

The creation of the new medal was announced at the 90th birthday celebrations for George held at UNSW on Monday 28th and 29th May 2001.

Prior to 2002, the Society had two awards recognising mathematical achievement, the Bernard Neumann Prize for postgraduate students and the Australian Mathematical Society Medal for research contributions by mathematicians under the age of 40. What was missing was a career award. The George Szekeres Medal now fills this gap.

Photo of G Szekeres

George Szekeres (left) and Esther Klein Szekeres (right) with Professor David Craig (President, Australian Academy of Science)

Rules for the George Szekeres Medal of the AustMS

1. The award is for a mathematical scientist who is a member of the Australian Mathematical Society and normally resident in Australia.

2. The Medal is awarded annually, but only to a candidate of sucient merit.

3. At most one Medal is to be awarded each year.

4. (i) The award is for a sustained outstanding contribution to research in the mathematical sciences. The candidate should have been resident in Australia when the bulk of the work was completed.

(ii) The successful candidate will have an excellent record of promoting and supporting the discipline, through activities such as extensive graduate student supervision, outstanding contributions to leadership in the Australian Mathematical Society, or other activities which have materially promoted the mathematical sciences discipline within Australia.

5. (i) The George Szekeres Medal can be awarded to a recipient of the Australian Mathematical Society Medal, provided that the sustained outstanding contribution to research in Rule 4(i) is subsequent to the work for which the Australian Mathematical Society Medal was awarded.

(ii) The George Szekeres Medal cannot be awarded to the same person on more than one occasion.

6. Nominations for the George Szekeres Medal can be made by any member of the AustMS other than the nominee or members of the Selection Committee, and should include:

(a) an extended citation, not more than two pages in length, arguing the case for awarding the Medal to the nominee, submitted via the AMPA nominations website;

(b) a shorter citation, of not more than 100 words, which may be used to report the candidate’s achievements in the event that the nomination is successful;

(c) a full list of publications of the candidate, with the most signifcant (up to a maximum of 20) marked by an asterisk;

(d) a curriculum vitae of the candidate’s professional career, highlighting any achievements which add support to the nomination; and

(e) the names of between three and six suitable referees, along with a brief statement as to their appropriateness.

7. The award will be decided by a Selection Committee appointed by the Council.

8. The Selection Committee will consist of 5 persons with no more than 3 of the same gender identity:

  1. 3 persons each appointed for a period of 3 years, namely a Chair, an Incoming Chair who will become the Chair in the following year, and an Outgoing Chair who has been the Chair in the preceding year;
  2. 2 persons appointed for two years only.

approved by Council, Resolution 91/18(x) [2001] and amended in Resolution 93/20 [2002], Resolution 97/15 [2004], Resolution 107/13(iv) [2009], Resolution 123/30 [2017], Resolution 129/24 [2020], Resolution 131/22(ii)[2021], Resolution 135/7 [2023], and Resolution 133/25 [2023].

Nominations for the George Szekeres medal should be lodged through the web form.