Australian Mathematical Society expresses concerns about the proposed new mathematics curriculum

The Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA) is currently developing a new national school curriculum, including for mathematics. The public consultation period is drawing to a close, finishing on the 8th July.

On the 2nd of July the President of the AustMS, Prof. Ole Warnaar, contacted David de Carvalho, CEO of ACARA, asking for an extension of the consultation period, and further details about the design process and evidence base for the proposed mathematics curriculum. This letter, along with Mr de Carvalho’s response, can be seen at this page.

The exchange of letters was followed up with a meeting on the 5th of July between Mr de Carvalho, Prof. Warnaar, and Prof. Geoff Prince, Vice-President of AustMS. One result is that “The meeting confirmed that mathematical scientists were not involved in any official capacity in the preparation of the revised curriculum.”

It is deeply concerning that the mathematics profession has been left out of the revision process and design of the new National Curriculum in Mathematics.

Prof Ole Warnaar

Prof. Warnaar’s full summary of the situation can also be seen at the letter page. At the time of posting there is to be no change to the consultation timeline.